Top 5 Things to do Before CASPA Opens

Things to do Before CASPA Opens:

1. Start working on your personal statement. Things for you to think about when writing: 

  • What is your why
  • What led you to pursue medicine and/or the PA career? 
  • How can I demonstrate to the reader that I am prepared for this career?
  • If I had any issues along the way, how did I overcome them or what did I learn from my experience?

2. Identify at least 3 people you want to write you a letter of recommendation (LOR). 

Helpful tips: 

  • Provide them with a brief bio, your personal statement (if written already), or any other helpful info that can help them write a better well-thought out LOR.
  • Provide them with some things you would like them to include in their LOR
  • Give them a deadline of when you would like them to submit
  • Try to have at least one LOR from a PA

3. Compile a list of schools you want to apply to and do your research to make sure you meet their requirements. Unsure if you do/don’t? Make sure you reach out to the program to find out for sure! 

Things to verify:

  • Set cumulative, overall, and/or science GPA requirements
  • Coursework (including completion timelines)
  • PCE hours and/or job type
  • LOR specifics
  • Shadowing hours

4. Start saving and budgeting for PA school apps. In case you aren’t already aware, CASPA charges $179 for the first program you apply to and $55 for each additional program. Supplemental applications can range anywhere from $0-150. YIKES!

5. Update or edit your resume. Ensure you have included your most up-to-date information, and that it is easy to follow. 

  • Need help? There are lots of free resume templates online as well as resume builder sites.
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