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Create Inclusive and Safe Communities For All Students, Practitioners & Faculty of Color.

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With the fact that ARC-PA accreditation standards A1.11 and B2.06 have gone into effect, we recognize that it has become even more imperative for programs to recruit and matriculate qualified BIPOC students into their cohorts; however, our hope is that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion become the culture of PA programs.

According to ARC-PA, “an environment that fosters and promotes diversity is considered essential to preparing PAs to provide service to others that is not exclusionary of any group, race, or culture." The various perspectives and resources offered by a diverse faculty, staff and student body increase the overall impact the PA profession can have on patients and the global community.


Physician Assistants of Color (The PAC) is the largest affinity group for current and aspiring PAs of color. With years of experience in helping prepare students of color to be strong PA school candidates, creating a community for PAs of color and serving as a sounding board for people at all phases of their PA journeys, we are confident in our ability to help your program meet ARC-PA DEI standards and foster a culture were these tenets thrive with the following services:


Optimize enrollment from targeting applicants of color to maximizing matriculation rates.


Expand your impact in communities of color through comprehensive growth strategy.

Diversity Training

Go beyond compliance and build a supportive and inclusive work culture.

Curriculum Enhancement

Develop an inclusive curriculum that addresses social determinants of health outcomes in communities of color.

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